Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Headlights/Most serene republic split 7”

Headlights sound like a softies inspired kind of fun happy-go lucky pop, slightly produced, but this is fun stuff, I think if the organ cuted it up, and drank a lot of iced coffee. Same goes for the most serene republic, both of these got decent reviews. Serene Republic being slightly postal service-esque, but my money is on headlights...but that's what I've been into lately ok?....back off.

This is the problem writing this blog, I literally am going to goto Polyvinyl and order this, I keep convincing myself while doing 'research'. I get excited about my own listing, and I don't want to miss it.

Plus headlights was on grey's anatomy...good for them...I mean I don't want all tv shows to start OC-ing out, claiming they have the next big band in their episode. As long as the show that's doing it is a decent show and they are supporting indie music...good, I don't have a problem with it.

Get it at Midheaven. Or Stickfigure. Or on their label, Polyvinyl.

headlights/most serene republic split 7” (polyvinyl) - The sound of Canada's Most Serene Republic is an intoxicating reminder that if you stand in one place, the shadows can overtake you. "A lush spacey hybrid of The Postal Service and The Broken Social Scene and all the hype they've been getting because of their connection with the latter is more than warranted" - Spin. Headlights have been making a splash of late, most recently touring with Of Montreal, Mono, and Crooked fingers. Look for their full-length this fall. "The group has an uncanny ability in shrouding dark emotions with nicely crafted pop of the most refreshing and assured indie rock debuts of 2004" - Pop Matters.

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