Friday, September 1, 2006

Flower Machine 7" on Microindie

This seemed like a really great label, they were doing interesting things, but I think now that I'm not working for a while, I will have to be waaaaaay more selective with what I'm actually getting and will go through the collection and weed out a lot of this type of stuff.
But.... before I even get it, I don't want to hear it. I'm sick of the hippie crap songs on myspace already....
You know what, stay away from this.
Bad 7 inch.....bad.

Here's the label, hopefully they will be putting out better bands...because the packaging is great.
But for this one, don't waste your money, and if anyone wants to buy it, let me

2 Tracks
•Orange Balloons

All-new 7-inch single for 2006 by indiepop-psych band The Flower Machine from Los Angeles, California. The Orange Balloons/Blown single is a preview of an elaborate concept album put together during 2005/2006. The Flower Machine has one previous album (also available on Microindie Records) entitled Chalk Dust Dream of the Tea Cozy Mitten Company. Flower Machine recordings typically are made at a remote cottage 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles, where the band primarily utilize vintage amps and gear, mellotron strings and flutes, backwards tapes, and layers of sound effects. The record is orange and white swirled vinyl and the package will also include a cd copy of the release for those wishing to play it on that format or load it on their Ipods.

The Flower Machine single is part of a back-to-basics approach by Microindie Records. Previous to running Microindie, label owner Mike Babb released many records on the 7” vinyl format which was a great pleasure. Due to decreasing vinyl demand and increasing cd demand, the cd format became the first option. With the increase in quantity and acceptability of digital downloading, Mike has decided to de-emphasize the cd format and release singles on the beloved 7” vinyl and digital download formats. As mentioned above, each package will also contain a cd copy. There will also be a limited number of specially designed promotional discs produced for print and online reviewers.

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