Thursday, August 10, 2006

mudhoney 7 inch

This is just an excuse to talk about high school, this was a band I just somehow missed in the seattle scene/grunge movement. That reminds me...the documentary 'Hype' was so god dam good and I think it pretty much just came out on dvd with extras. It's the same person who shot 'scratch', which is also excellent. He's a super music fan, and just dives into these weird worlds with a great perspective. Hype is so good, I remember seeing Mudhoney in it.
My friend Tim tried to get me to listen to superfuzz bigmuff, and I just couldn't get into it... something about the vocals.
So there's a new album, after who knows how long and here's a seven inch, on subpop....I mean at this point they have to be categorized as classic rock.

So I relistened to 'superfuzz...' and I remembered why I didn't like them, this guys voice is the worst.

It Is Us b/w Dig Those Trenches
PS, US European Mudhoney 7" with one non-album track.

Track listing:

A. It Is Us
B. Dig Those Trenches

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