Friday, August 11, 2006

The strokes • home recordings (Someday)

I know... the strokes...
They got me, what can I say, even with the third album. Not as strong as the first two, but there are some good tracks there, I'm not such a fan of the first track, juicebox, or even the seven inch itself, it's really cheap looking, flimsy vinyl, and crapily printed sleeve. I guess they printed a million and gave them away with every purchase, it's a god dam shame.
But let me take you back to a time when strokes seven inches were great, as great as the early beck sevens. Where I took the time to track them all down.
Example A, The Someday 7":
The A-Side is the track on yellow vinyl, great. But then the B-side is 'Is this it?' and 'Alone Together' demo's. I didn't understand the genius of this band until I heard these. Imagine a crap casio and a 4 could hear how late at night it was, trying to be quiet. The vocals, alternate guitar tracks punched in. But it's all there, stripped down the purest level of the arrangement, the lyrics are a little different, but it's still amazing, more amazing than the polished original.
There hasn't been a seven inch like this from them since, I'm sorry to say. Live versions don't really cut it...unless they're covers.
By the way... act like you give a crap when you play live, or don't....thats fine, because I've heard what you can do with a 1.99 keyboard, but it sucks to pay 40 bucks and you phone it in.

Get it from turntable labs, they have many more, like the 12:51 single which has a demo of 'The way it is"...I should put all those demo's together for a new mix.

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