Monday, August 21, 2006

The Organ - memorize, brother

The Organ...'Grab that gun' is so good. This video won me over immediately, it was very almost new wave, like interpol...the groundwork is all there and they are messing with a lot of those sounds, it's been perfect for the last few weeks.
Just this morning as a matter of fact, it came up on random and I was standing there on the subway thinking..."wow, I really like the production on this, the snare is really snarey, it has that high end smack, with a lot of compression"....they just have really put together songs, I love her's dark and moody, but fast, in a joy division way.
I got the 'memorize the city' 7 inch the other day from other music, the b-side is just as good.
I always see their first single they sold at live shows on ebay. I love you, but I hate seeing the seven inches I will never have....

Get both singles here...I should have done some research because these are pretty cheap. 1£ each! Even with shipping, thats insane.
Why can't we get singles for $1.80? the closest thing was that cat power single for .99, which was nice but clearly unlimited and just in a white sleeve. What am I bitching about? This is a good band.

THE ORGAN-Brother b/w Love Love Love (Too Pure/Pure193S) $4.50 The well placed ladies of the Organ have hit their stride in the US and UK, and we are pleased to bring you these limited UK singles on the Too Pure imprint, brought to you exclusively in cooperation with our friends at Mint. The A-side of "Brother" is from the album, but on the B is "Love Love Love", an album track recorded for the Gideon Coe 6 Music Session.

THE ORGAN-Memorize the City b/w No One Has Ever Looked So Dead Brother / Love Love Love (Too Pure/Pure200S) $4.50D(["mb",""Memorize the City" is from Grab That Gun, but the B-side features "No One Has Ever Looked So Dead", also an album track recorded live for the 6 Music Session (broadcast on March 30, 2006). Grab these snazzy singles while you can.

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