Monday, August 14, 2006

Xiu Xiu/Horvitz Picture disk

I saw sonic youth this weekend, in McCareen park. Watching them play live I realized...well maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but I hadn't heard it before, or I guess seen it. They are really interested in the sound of a guitar... not the sound from traditionally playing the guitar, but knowing it, through experimentation and familiarity, what sounds they will get using bows, sticks, effects. The fact that they did just that during songs I had heard a million times, and not in a gimmicky way, but sincerely that was the sound that fit there and it was going to be performed that way.
But it's amazing that they have had such longevity and decent music.
It was a little strange to see them rocking out, I just wondered what their daughter thinks of her mom and dad kicking out the jams.
I couldn't imagine my parents on a stage doing anything.
There's no way to know their entire catalog, and you are really along for the ride, going to see a show. I'm just a tiny bit disapointed that the YYY's didn't come out with them and play an encore together, I kept imagining what songs they would cover, or what karen o would sing.
It's one of those shows I'm really glad I ended up seeing.

But wait.....where am I going with this?...Ok, I kind of feel like through sonic youth I would eventually end up here at xiu xiu, and sonically I have no idea where he came from or where he is headed and thats why all these 7 inches he keeps putting out are so exciting, it's really an experiment in itself. Some of the tracks from 'Fabulous Muscles' are just frightening, the tone and vocal style...from other decriptions of the album I was a little hesitant, but it just kept getting great reviews everywhere, and with good reason. This is a beautiful piece of the puzzle, and preview of the new album.

Doggpony records is all SOLD OUT...but not good old Midhaven.

XIU XIU + DAVID HORVITZ "Boy Soprano" (Doggpony - DNP 024) PICTURE DISC 7" $7.75
Many of you know DAVID HORVITZ as an amazing photographer, or as "the guy that makes the beautiful XIU XIU photo albums that they sell on tour" or "the guy that sells the beautiful photo albums at Xiu Xiu shows... as well as the records and t shirts and stuff... the merch guy" or even "the guy that took the picture that came in the BARR/This Song Is A Mess... split 7-inch on Oedipus last year..." Well, Xiu Xiu asked David to conceive of a physical object to present the first single from their new album, The Air Force, which will be released on 5RC in September. The 7-inch comes with a special photoprint/insert/postcard and is limited to 600 copies.

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