Tuesday, August 15, 2006

velvet teen split 7

The velvet teen rock, really successfully, almost borderline too good, like you could see them taking off on the local top 40 station (do those even exist anymore?) They can sound at times like one of those bands, I'm so out of touch. A band your 14 year old cousin loves...which isn't so great...but wait, then there are crazy electronic video game sounds running throughout, almost overpowering the vocals, which I could use less of, or just different. I guess I could use a little less production, it's literally like someone came in after the fact and added video game sounds.
I hope this isn't some kind of secret plan a record company came up with.
At times the vocals are all distorted which is great. Its like cursive went all smash up with nintendo cartridges, literally, the sounds have to be from 32bit games or something.
It's a unique sound that I could see a lot of people rocking out to. I find myself forwarding to the track again to see if I really feel this way.

But this split seven should be very cool, don't know the other band, but want to hear more from these guys.

Here's their you tube video. for a great track Tokyoto.

split 7"
Well, it's about DAMN time! Years after it was done, this wonderful split 7" is finally available to the masses. Two dreamy pop songs (including a Breeders cover) from Santa Cruz's Sin In Space and a pair from The Velvet Teen. Their side of the 7" features "Code Red" (you probably heard them play it live, it's one of their earliest songs) and a cover of Tones on Tail's "Go!", which is soooo much better than the original. Sorry Daniel Ash, but it is.
If all this wasn't enough, due to a horrible accident, this first pressing of the 7" has the opposite labels on the records. Future pressing will have the correct labels on them, but act now if you want to get on the first pressing.
Putting out records is tough, so let this mistake be your ticket to Richville when you sell this rare 7" on ebay in the year 2041.

1. "Code Red" - The Velvet Teen
2. "GO!" - The Velvet Teen
3. "Extraterrestrial" - Sin In Space
4. "Do You Love Me Now?" - Sin In Space

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