Thursday, September 7, 2006

Ariel Pink My Molly EP 7"

I'm really just listening to him for the first time, and he's fitting right into the reissue of sebadoh III and importing a bunch of 4 track stuff I have on cassette of different music projects over the years. I think I will always be drawn to this kind of stripped down honest music choice. I think it's the hardest to fake, when you don't have a lot of the tricks at your disposal are really just dealing with the basic elements, and are free to take those weird chances.
I think with things like Blair witch or the Office, it's taking the handheld crappy camera, the movements, the vocabulary... something familiar, and then flipping it. It's startling to see on TV at first, but then you know it from watching home movies.
Maybe my ear has been trained to respond to this, because I'm most excited about coming home and listening to whatever we worked on that night. While my ears are still ringing. Or I have a lot of good memories in my attic or someone else's with a 4 track on the chair and writing, writing, listening to it again, going out for a while and coming back, using the whole thing as a backing track from a stereo and starting over.

Having said all that, Ariel also sounds at times like someone broke into Prince's compound, and stole his 4 track demo tapes, in the best possible way. The songs have layers of composition and are really striving to be something more.
Here's his latest seven inch, on black vinyl only...I found it too late....

ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI "My Molly EP" (Tiny Creatures) 7" 6.98
Wow! Ariel Pink is on a hot streak! Just this year alone we've fallen for his limited edition and now out of print Latitudes series cd, his new project Holy Shit and now this new 7" which features some of the best Ariel Pink songs we've heard yet! A totally tasty Smiths cover on the 'b' side and pretty much warped pop perfection dripping from each groove. This is why we still love 7"s so much. So fun to pick up the needle and hear Ariel Pink take us to a wonderful world of Kodachrome bliss over and over again. We're still so smitten...


  1. Ronald5:24 AM

    can I please have the tracklist of that 7''?

  2. A
    'the bottom'
    'my molly'
    'rock play'
    'this night has opened my eyes'