Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Girl Talk 7 inch

'Girl talk' is Greg Gillis, and instead of just being a pussy and mixing two songs together, like Chistina Aguilera and the Strokes, or any one of those other mashups...(which are funny once, let's face it), he's been mixing hundreds of top 40 tracks together, it's insane, trying to pick out different pieces, this is over now, he's completely destroyed it for anyone else, and good for him. Impossible to clear, this might actually give illegal something to worry about, if one more blog mentions him.
Thanks to Outer Space Gamelan for actually getting me to rethink this and then remember the seven inch that I saw listed somewhere but 'girl talk' isn't exactly a title of a band I thought I would have any interest in. He has a list of some of the tracks he caught pieces of and needless to say it's enormous.
This latest recording is on 333 records, which was down last time I checked, but their myspace is up, and in trying to find this seven inch I went back to an old friend...illegal Of course they would release this...
I also noticed this is where all of the 333 recordings can be found and all for sale at illegal

GIRL TALK "Bone Hard Zaggin" (333) 7":
Heads up! Here comes another wave of limited edition 7"s from 333 Records! Each release in this series is pressed in an ultra small quantity of 333! The latest additions are this one by Girl Talk and one by Sagan.
For their two tracks, Girl Talk pitch down and piece together snippits of old top 40 hits producing something that is retardedly infectious fun. Check out those sluggy-thuggy vocals! This reminded Andee of DJ Screw and of being a youngster and playing his 45's at 33
rpm. We've only got a handful of these. Snoooze'n'loooze, kiddie!

From Illegal Art:
Gregg Gillis continues to fuck-up all of the pop music that you thought you hated, giving it a sheen like no other. Released concurrently with the new Illegal Art full-length CD, so you can get your Girl Talk fix in check. Confuse the party!

Well now I'm a little it a split with Sagan or all girl talk? Well we'll see...I think all girl talk...who knows, it's 5.50 plus shipping, so buy something else...illegal art is amazing.

I also just read about a bright eyes rare double LP which is coming out in sept that will have all of his seven inch stuff available, so I expect to see some bright eyes for sale on eBay. Yay.

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