Friday, September 8, 2006

the christa min 7"

This label has almost exclusively released reminds me of sitting in my dorm room dubbing tapes of projects for friends. Going down to the pharmacy to make copies of covers. I kept all the covers masters in a binder in plastic sleeves and pretended to have a label. Then I'd look the onesheet/releases page I had made for 'Greystone Records' and add the next release to the bottom.
It's funny that they are releasing such outsider manaic music on an even more historically insane format. You know what it almost makes perfect sense. If you are seeking this out, then get yourself a tape deck. Or buy the one release from The Christa Min on 7 inch, apparently this is a 13 min song, split on 2 sides.

Go read a review.
I have trouble with some of these noise's all the same? Not exactly...but it's like they all are part of the same underground experiment. I'm excited at first and I get all into the different labels and bands, but the excitement dies out in a few days, and it all seems overwhelming again. Frankly I get enough noise in NYC. I want an arrangement of melody sometimes....thank you sir.

This blog is excellent (Outer Space Gamelan)...all noise/experimental reviews, but it's absolutely great writing, and gets me excited again about all these noise releases.

THE CHRISTA MIN-The Dead and Tex Watson 7” (Rundownsun/RDS005) $5.99
“13 min of dirty, lo-fi, pacific northwest style garage psych. one song over two sides ala Television's 'Little Johnny Jewel'. feat. members of the Nasty On, The Cinch, Killer Whales, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, and Staked Plain. packaged in 2 piece, silk screened millboard cover. art by nicholas bragg. xerox insert.

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