Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cansei de ser sexy - LETS MAKE LOVE... 7"

Cansei de ser sexy has a new single with the best title this year:

I heard this on clicktrax the other day, I really liked it, and their song titles are insane 'Meeting paris hilton' and 'css suxx', the video was pretty funny, but it was catchy in a dansy electronic way, with a foreign accent. One thing they reminded me of was like a 'love is all' mixed with the knife. Whereas the knife is a little darker, this seemed upbeat and ironic, in a good way, self aware and tired of being sexy. (they made me do it)

From road recs:
limited edition 7 inch on
the sub pop label, comes in a picture sleeve and the single is an old school jukebox style pressing with the large center hole, the css are a bunch of brazilian kids blending up old school punk funk ala esg and the funky hip hop of the tom tom club, the main track is taken from their excellent debut album cansei de ser sexy, the single also features non album track acho um pouco bom on the flip side, september 2006

This is available at subpop, who they just signed with and have the single there for $5 which includes shipping, so this is a good deal, plus they have a bunch of sales and promotion stuff, so throw in a few more things for a dvd or a wolf parade promo only disk. Plus, hey for once the single is right here on our own shore...pick this one up.

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