Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oxford collapse on Version City

I like this energetic, two vocals, rock out. It reminds me of les savy fav, it feels live and recorded with all of those tiny imperfections that make you want to sing along. They seem like that great local band in high school that you could get behind and actually spend $10 on their t-shirt. Well Brooklyn we have another one called Oxford Collapse and this single is on Version City records. At times it reminds me slightly of cap'n jazz too...this is one of those 7 inches I'll have to look further into and get an album or too from subpop, who they just singed with. I guess they have the seven inch too...or just pay pal info(at)versioncityrecords 5 bucks. They will send you a nice note.
Bottom line it's run music to rock out, they sound like they are having a good time and it should make me feel better on a rainy day.

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