Monday, September 11, 2006

Tapes N Tapes double 7"

Tapes n Tapes, wow...
I mean.... I like this album too, but I've had enough. I guess I moved on a little while ago, not that I wouldn't try to track this down, it's a double 7" and has live kexp tracks, thats interesting. But I'm not a fan of remixes ... ever.
I guess I went through a phase in the 90's with remixes of the cure (that entire album) or just electronic stuff in general at that time, but they never are suprising or change the original in a good way. That's what sam beam should do covers for. Although postal service remixes make sense, the source material being so similar. I wonder if postal service will cover iron and wine?
Although my favorite covers lately are final fantasy and tunng
covering bloc party. Thats when it's good, when it's reinterpreted, using the particular elements that make up that band. Maybe I don't know, or dj's styles are too subtle for me to distinguish, but I never really hear a stamp on them. Are there Richard D James remixes?

Still couldn't find it anywhere stateside, so snatch it up if you see it.

from boomkat:
Recent XL signings and the recipients of electrocution at the hands of Pitchfork's hype machine, Tapes `n Tapes have a lot to prove to the world, and I must say I haven't been entirely convinced as yet. This double 7" set contains the album standout track `Cowbell' and backs it up with a rather strange remix courtesy of Blackeye. I'm not sure who or what Blackeye is, but his collision of Ska and Interpol/Editors-lite avant-pop doesn't really do the original track any justice coming across like a missed opportunity rather than an interesting skit on the original. Luckily we are treated to two tracks from a KEXP session, which show the band's experimental leanings as the mash up `Omaha' and `Jakov's Suite' quite wonderfully. Maybe there is something in that hype after all? ..

Get it from Rough Trade:
'cowbell' is the second single taken from the excellent tapes 'n' tapes debut album 'the loon'. 'cowbell' is a country-punk shoutalong that sounds like a mix of camper van beethoven, modest mouse and the flaming lips. the limited double pack 7" only comes backed by 'omaha' (kexp session), 'cowbell' (the black eyes remix) and 'jakov's suite' (kexp session).

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