Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the editors 7"

I was going to the apple store in Soho the other day to get one of those microphone things for your ipod when I saw this guy sitting on metal stairs in front of a store or gallery and he was changing his batteries in his CD player, there were a stack of burned cd's next to him. On the lid of his cd player was what looked like a homemade bumper sticker that said 'The Editors'. I'm positive that's what it said because I pretended to stop and look for something in my bag just to make sure.
It turns out they have a few seven inches out there...go get them I'm sure you're sick of listening to interpol by now, this should do the trick.

Editors-Munich-Limited Edition 7 Inch Repressing Of This Brimingham Bands Second Single, Featuring Munich And Demo Version Of Camera On The Flip Side, January 2006-7"-Kitchenware Records

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