Wednesday, September 13, 2006

summerlad 7 Inch

THE SUMMERLAD-Carnus Magi/Everyone Scolds The Wolf 7"
From Calgary, yes that's Canada, again....and there's a 'wolf' in there so everyone feels comfortable. Now that's out of the way....they are billing themselves as experimental, but I don't hear a lot of experiment here, more like your pretty standard pop with some normal's catchy enough. There are moments I'm getting a les savy fav feel from some of the sounds, they border on annoying in a good way. I don't know if I will be able to get past the vocals....oh well. It's on blue vinyl.

I almost crapped myself while watching the gilmore girls, my girlfriend and I watch it while falling asleep... and they mentioned slint! I guess I never caught that before. Jes was in a record store in NYC and he pulled out Spiderland, and said 'geez I've never even heard of these guys', and then the record store owner breaks down slint...there in the middle of this show. It's moments like that where I don't give a damn what anyone thinks, it's a fucking good show.

Mote Magazine asked Summerlad:

Vinyl Junkie right on! is that the reason for the 45rpm release?:

Yep. We all collect records of varying types and genres and I play them almost exclusively at home. The 7" is the beginning of what we hope is a lengthy list of Summerlad vinyl releases. I'm listening to a great Chicago Soul comp and the new double pink vinyl release of The Flaming Lips' In a Priest Driven Ambulance. I also am loving the latest SUNN 0))) and Boris on vinyl...

You can get this on Saved by radio for $7 canadian, I don't know if that includes shipping?...
Additionally this can be had at Scratch records...which is great, about halfway through I realized shipping was going to be $5, so $10 for a 45, well maybe I'll find it somewhere...give it a proper chance.

From 'Saved by Radio':
Having been bitten by the 'Wolf' wave, Canada's favourite art-punk-melodic-noise-pop
-psych-rock band ratchet up the speed and the distortion on two new songs, "Carnus Magi" and "Everyone Scolds The Wolf". And yes, this release is indeed a Double B-Side 7-inch slab of blue vinyl.

I am taking a temporary haitus from posting until next monday, as I'm going away to work on an international airport.... I don't think I'll have internet access out there...but hey, there's other format's of music to listen to...on second thought....just wait till monday.

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