Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The strokes - You only live once - 7"

What the fuck, they are really pulling out the stops for this one...eddie vedder? I almost shit when I heard him in that cat power song...Why is he still around? Can we agree that he can't sing? I mean Pearl Jam is going to go down in history as one of those weird fluke bands, they were in the right time period for all those half hippie bands from the 90's. How did they find a place along with Nirvana? We were going through some weird shit. So now he's going to ruin the b-side of this seven inch? Ridiculous. I don't know if this one will be worth it.
Am I waiting for a reason to not like the strokes? Not necessarily, but when they start doing stuff like this, it's like on any stupid sitcom 'oh look they just had twins', not just a baby, but twins. Thats not going to be hilarious....hilarity won't ensue....it's a signal of the end.
Stop with this stupid shit, next thing I know you'll be recording your next album with an orchestra, or with the backup singers for aretha franklin. I don't get it. Eddie Vedder? What fucking relevance does he have?

Strokes-You only live once-Taken from the album first impressions of earth, the single is a real rolling stones sounding dirty blues tinged rock affair, also features a cover of the marvin gaye classic mercy mercy me with guest eddie vedder and josh homme, also comes with a free sticker featuring the album artwork, july 2006-7"-Rough trade

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