Friday, February 9, 2007

Blogs sell out

300th Post - Mp3 Blogs Sell Out!
(From the Torture Garden)

I know this post is a little old but I came across it the other day and it really should be manifesto for music blogs everywhere. I want to remember this each and every post.
This manifesto is also why I won't be posting MP3's. First of all I want to encourage people to go buy these seven inches, they are amazing pieces of artwork, and secondly, this directly support smaller labels and acts with this unique artifact. These don't make money, no one is getting rich off seven inches. It's purely out of love for the band and the format.
Don't get me wrong, I want to put a microphone up against the speaker and put them on my ipod just because I want to hear them, I want to make sure if my building caught on fire I'll say 'Oh yea I used to have that seven inch'. But posting them seems wrong. Just my opinion.

'Half the time we can convince ourselves that what we have found is amazing - I've done it myself, and it doesn't last. It seems we're not doing anything important unless we have found an amazing band that must be heard, and validates what we do - because almost all mp3 bloggers, stuck between fear of lawsuits and a desire for co-operation and recognition from the labels, artists and press (including Pitchfork) - have an enormous need for legitimisation.'
This honestly started it as a reference for places to buy these things. This isn't about 'I found the best band, these guys are going to be huge', I think there is a little of that going on only because these releases are so limited you have to jump on them if they seem good at all. I've bought some that I ended up hating. I just always felt like I was always finding out at the last minute about some super limited run by a band I loved. At first I thought I would end up finding a few new ones here and there and then maybe talking about seven inches I bought a while ago...reminisce about early 90's 7". But once I started looking, they were everywhere.

There's no way I'm going to buy a seven inch on ebay for more than like 7$ (
Since that's about a pack of cigarettes, and hopefully I won't be buying anymore so that number seems reasonable). I won't do it, I won't become that collector that never listens to them and grades them, and tries to find better and better examples of that rare 1st pressing. It kills me to see that will oldham / silver jews spilt go for $50. That was my first post, ranting about 'why they don't press more' and how can you possibly find out about this crap, my friend Tim used to constantly tell me about seven inches he found and I was always jealous. So I made it my life's work, and if I can benefit even one person (sniff) it will all be worth it.

I really just want an excuse to look for seven inches and keep up with new music. It's purely selfish, if someone wants to read it, fine, I'm glad. I just like them and I know there are a few people who like them also. I also wanted to focus on the format, not necessarily the music. I guess because the format almost implies the either oldies, like the pile you find at garage sales or indie rock of the 90's. It also means new music, so I may have an opinion here and there, but I just want to point them out, I obviously have a musical point of view, which is pretty varied and maybe all over the place.

I guess that post just made me think I don't want to be completely objective, I want to make a judgement, I have some integrity....I guess. I don't want to bash seven inches I hate without good reason. I don't want to hate that new shins seven inch because they are becoming successful.

I just love them, they are so nostalgic for me about a type of music, a time in my life, maybe I'm trying to hold on to.

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