Thursday, February 8, 2007

bloc party • 2 part prayer

"The Prayer" / "England" (Exclusive Recording)

"The Prayer" / 2. "Version 2" (Exclusive Recording)

This is not the free 7 inch that comes with the album...I'm torn about that...on one hand I like that the labels are doing that... of course I selfishly love 7"'s and just want more of them of any kind. But is this really supposed to increase sales? What is their motivation? To get someone like me to buy the full album? That's fine I guess. I just think there is a fine line to overusing this as such an obvious marketing tool.
Take the cat power 7 inch that came out for 'the greatest' they didn't give it away free, but sold it for .99. It was in a plain white sleeve, with minimal art on the 7" itself. I think I like this even less then getting it free with the album, it's like they don't care. It's like just some throwaway thing, I'm not really upset, it just seemed like a waste. It's worth doing, make it good.
I don't know, give me more seven inches.

Bloc party-The prayer part one-Features the prayer and also england on the flip side, the single comes housed in a gatefold sleeve with room to hold the second part of the series which is sold separately, the prayer is a real pulsating bass driven piece of eighties influenced indie rock complete with lush synth sounds.

Bloc party-The prayer part two-Features the prayer along with version 2 on the flip side, limited edition yellow vinyl pressing, the prayer is a real pulsating bass driven piece of eighties influenced indie rock complete with lush synth sounds.

Here's my other problem, why are these sold separately? Are you just trying to drive me insane? Could you imagine just getting one of these and not being able to find the other one anywhere?
I'll never see it anyway.
Import only, god dammit.

I do like this song it's perfectly bloc party, that driving dance party rock, it's kind of in it's own world. I really can't compare this to anything. I don't like the verse but the chorus makes me want to throw myself off a cliff. Where's the next girl who will be singing this into her webcam.

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  1. ha... nicely written. i have a seven inch i wanna send you. it's limited edition purple vinyl. an old band of mine called armslength put it out back in 2001? yeah... it's pretty fun though. you might like it.

    now on subject, i have the free bloc party prayer seven inch that came with the full length and it's pretty poor quality. sounds like the record is warped and it's plain as can be. I understand what you mean be doing it right. people don't by seven inches to just listen to the music. it's not like you can break one out in your car unless you got your "whip" pimped out at west coast customs. and it especially sucks when it's plain and sounds like crap. ha

    Still a fan though especially of song england. cheers!