Monday, February 12, 2007


"Pastoral Suite- 1: Before The Storm 2: The Storm 3: After The Storm" / "SURF SESSIONS 1: Snaketime Rhythms 2: Duet 3: Recorded Soliloguy"

This is someone I have been meaning to find out more about and really give them a good listen.
There are people out there that love novelty music and fanatically collect it along with self released oddities, albums that no one would ever have bought, awful covers. I think I gave up on it because I knew I didn't have the space. I bring home enough as it is. Every time I would go to the salvation army I'd see another religious album or experimental organ compilation. I could be surrounded by crazy records. I might be headed that way, but I'll put it off as long as possible.
So that brings me back to Moondog, I can't make a judgement on it musically. Was he the first to be discovered on the streetcorner? Who thought he was good? Where did he record all this stuff. I bet there is some kind of biography, I should get. I just wonder how much is novelty and how much was revolutionary, still interesting today historically. Was he a 1950's Wesley Willis?

From the little I know it is a crazy story, and I wouldn't feel too bad about getting this seven inch, and deciding later.

Available at Ear-Rational:
Moondog - Pastoral Suite/Surf Session 7 inch (Moondog's Corner) [MOCO001EP] $8.50 7" vinyl EP version. Same 6 tracks as the CD (which is now o/p). Limited to 500 copies; last copies, reduced price. Another incredible archive release of long lost Moondog music... "These recordings were released for the first time in the early fifties (1953) on the SMC label of Gabriel Oller.

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