Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The sequins 7 inch

THE SEQUINS (Tough Love)
The first band to sign to hip new artpop indie label Tough Love Records now with two cracking and infectious 7" single out 'Patients' and the debut 'Nobody Dreams about Me' Cultivating a 'This Charming Man' period Smiths sound into a contemporary artrock tunefulness The Sequins recall the best of great indie labels like Postcard and Sarah. Current single 'Patients' twists and turns and turns and turns to put them up with Good Shoes and Hot Club de Paris in leading the artpop take-over. Also feature on the excellent Tough Love compilation 'What Will Survive of Us'.

I don't know about 'That Charming Man' period of the smiths but this is a pretty interesting song, there wasn't anything super obviously interesting right away but I kept listening to it a bunch of times. It's like a franz ferdinand, but high pitch falsetto. It sounds like they are having a fun enough time if I can find this in the US, I'd get it to hear the other side. Plus maybe it's one of those bands I'll have to just watch out for and see what they are up to later.
Get it on tough love records.
You can hear this track there as well. They have other seven inches I'm going to investigate.

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