Thursday, October 26, 2006


I think it's appropriate as 7inches hits it's one year anniversary that I take it back with an old schooler like beck. The 'Steve threw up' 7 inch was one of the first seven inches I ever got, and beck inspired me to search out these things, the stereopathic soul manure full length. I mean the music came out of nowhere, the mashup of folk rap, soul, and just amazing sounds. Then with Guero, he brought it, using all of that production money to completely destroy the speakers. I had the same revelation listening to pavement. They kind of are doing the music that you know is good, you just don't have the balls to make first, and put it out there. Sure anyone could make looser or paint a fucking can of soup, thats just stupid, I shouldn't have even brought it up. He was amazing, and still is, that's it. He inspired a movement in music. I may not be running out to get the new CD, there have been some directions I'm just not getting, but he is a supergroup, and rocked the tiny Maxwells where I saw him, doing requests for a few hours past when the show should have ended. So for nostalgia's sake I will try to find this.

I think I read about this in wired also how he was going to make all of the protools tracks public, so that basically, you have his mix, and then everyone elses in the entire world.

BECK : Cellphone's Dead / O Meina
7" released 11/10/2006

Beck's quirky genre skipping style is in full effect on his new single. Hip Hop styles work around Becks vocals on 'Cellphone's Dead' before some dreamy pads absorb the electronics and out of nowhere some disco beats drop in and finish the track off in style. "Menina" is a bouncin ballad and typical Beck. Also included are a load of stickers and a plain sleeve to decorate yourself!

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