Wednesday, October 25, 2006

wooden shjips 7 inch

Reading this description I got really interested, I trust aquarius and tracked down their website and this MP3. It's what I hoped it would be in a good way, this is really dense and repetitive, like dead meadow meets stereolab. The vocals are lost on a this crazy mess of echo and reverb, I was messing with the laptop speakers putting my hands over them, because I wasn't sure where this sound was coming from. Crazy. It's like that jesus and mary chain early b-sides where it was an echoey wash that I never heard before. There is something to this and I'm going to get both releases, starting with a seven inch available at Aquarius records.
Outer space Gamelan has a much better review about this release, and I agree with every word, I am amazed at the quality he can put out daily, I can barely read it, let alone imagine writing it.

WOODEN SHJIPS "Dance California / Clouds Over Earthquake" (Sick
Thirst) 7" 4.50 Everybody went completely nuts for the Wooden Shjips 10" we reviewed a while back (ourselves included) so we were super psyched to get our hands on this brand new two track 7" single. Packaged very much like the 10", clear vinyl, no artwork, barely any info, no sleeve, just a clear plastic sleeve, these two tracks are also quite sonically similar to the 10" and has us jonesing for a full length. Side one is a buzzy lo-fi garage groove, beneath bizarre super distorted insectoid guitar leads, buzzing WAY up in the mix and sounding almost like some primitive malfunctioning synth. But the whole time, beneath the alien buzz, the groove just hums along, like some extra baked Velvet Underground outtake. Side two is way more laid back, some blown out sun baked riffage, a super lazy groove, like Loop played at 16rpm, decorated with warm hornlike melodies that eventually stretch out into some serious outerspace psych rock explorations. The vocals we loved so much on the 10: resurface here too, laconic, drawled sung/spoken and super affected, very Lou Reed sounding albeit buried way down in the mix and absolutely drenched in thick reverb and fuzzy delay. Awesome!

The 10" has been made available at a couple of shops like this 'tequila sunrise records', they have repressed 300 so act fast.

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