Friday, October 27, 2006

rodney graham 7"

I actually came across this at the checkout desk at the recent whitney biennial. I had no idea what I was looking at but, always on the lookout for seven inches, I just paid the man. Plus I wasn't going to get the catalog as the show was ridiculous, so really when you look at it, I was saving like $50. So I was kind of trying to figure out what was on this seven inch and I came across this, an article in a contemporary art magazine about Dan Graham working with the puppet guy from Being John Malkevich, to create this hippie rock opera about a rock start character lowering the voting age, he gets elected, throws everyone in jail over 30. These songs are taken from the show. Japanther and Sonic Youth also composed music and Tony Oursler and others shot video playing in the background. But this was all way before the south park movie, and even before the malkevich movie(?). Anyway, I'm going to make sure to listen to this this weekend.

RODNEY GRAHAM-Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 7” (Rodney Graham Studios/RG701) $3.50
This new 7"single by the Rodney Graham Band on transparent green vinyl features the title song for Dan Graham's rock opera/puppet show of the same name backed with 14 or Fight (vocals: Shannon Oksanen) also from Dans rock opera. The song ‘Dont Trust Anyone Over 30’ can also be found on the recent Rodney Graham Band Album Never Tell a Pal A Hard Luck Story (You'll Only Get A Hard Luck Story In Return).

It can be found on scratch records.

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