Monday, November 6, 2006

die die die • ashtray 7inch

I like the sound of these guys, I don't know if I agree with all the bands they are compared to, but I can see joy division here a little, with an updated filter like interpol, especially in '155'. They remind me a little of like a slightly more produced lync. 'Year Nine Yeah' isn't as catchy and starts to go off into just bad punk territory, really punks downfall was the flood of bands that all blended together, sounding the same, I shut down when I hear that.
It's pretty crazy I just saw that poster on their myspace, they just played at 'club europa' literally a block away from where I used to live in greenpoint. It's funny how all of these polish night clubs are slowly turning into indie rock spaces. A giant warehouse with this trapezoid front garage door was completely renovated then shut down less than a year later...weird. Then there's club exit which has ridiculous shit on the ceiling upside down mushrooms, all in psychedelic colors, I felt like I stepped back into the 60's. It can't be authentic, it's just ridiculous, and then when indie rock promoters take over, it's one more step into weirdo world...
Anyway '155' is the best track and I hope they go more in this direction. Steve Albini produced the first album coming out soon. You can get it still from rough trade.

DIE! DIE! DIE! (Auckland New Zealand) A welcome return to the UK and Artrocker for these three angry young men from Auckland who continue the more abrasive and dischordant line of New Zealand sounds (The Gordons / Dead C / Flipper). With a Warsaw/Joy Division Darkness, a tractor-like bass 'Big Black' bass drone and searing guitars and vocals closer to the US punks Black Flag, Fugazi/Minor Threat than anything UK it's hardly a surprise they have recorded with Steve Albini. Already out is a 6 track self titled debut EP and more recently an excellent UK 7" 'Ashtray Ashtray' Imagine the artful excentricities of Whirlwind Heat with the full-on attack of McLusky but also a melodic nod to 80's UK indie! Astounding live too.

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