Thursday, October 12, 2006

the bobby mcgee's 7inch

Hmmmmmm, too cutsey?
This is so horribly bad, It has to be a joke, I wrote that one line on first listening, but I've since completely thown away these MP3's, I couldn't stand them even accidentally coming up. It is complete english crap. Go have a listen if you want to hear some really shitty music. But then again I have to admire them, I mean it's not obviously crap, like fallout boy or something, this really is bad in a genre of music that will accept anything that's genuinely good. It has the elements, the song titles, the no-fi, but there is something 'we're going to cash in on the cute rock', something smells of 'we can do it' I think they are old and either pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, or they have never played music in their life.
Go get it as a joke or something, or you've lost all faith in music.

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