Friday, October 13, 2006

yo la tengo

Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough b/w I'm Your Puppet 7" (Matador)
Great U.K. 7"-only release with a fantastic version of the all-time classic "I'm Your Puppet," on the B-side. Great picture sleeve too.

Oh man I have had that cover song in my head all morning. Where is the 10 disk set of indie rock covers. That's like the spike jonze compilation I never thought would come out. I mean that was amazing, I had a VHS tape of as many as I could tape over the years staring at MTV until I fell asleep hoping for that Notorious BIG video with an all kid cast to come on.
Anyway I'm waiting for that amazing compilation and I can't imagine how yo la tengo is going to cover that 'I'm your puppet' song but I want to hear it, and it's only 3 bucks from matador. There have to be more things there anyway.
I've heard great things about this album, and I've liked them in the past, nothing really stuck with me, but it seemed like I like that 'heart' album. I should go have another listen before this new one. They really are one of those super group bands that have been around forever and are just waiting for a breakthru album like the flaming lips. Maybe the people who make them a super group are old enough to be the main part of the music market, who grew up listening to 'alternative'.

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