Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Casiotone - Graceland Cover 7 inch

I got an email the other day from the casiotone mailing list and he announced this amazing 7 inch on a new label I've never come across. I have to say, he really keeps me on my toes with seven inches, every time I turn around he's got a new release. With the graceland cover, this will go in the 'awesome covers' section of the 7 inch case. I can't wait to hear this.
I rode the bus to Boston once and waited to listen to one of his albums and it was insane, kind of like the early beck style, but more arranged (?) and dark. It's not a celibration of the technology but more likie being chained to it....and I like it.
Rococo records is also releasing a les savy fav 7 inch, another band who completely amazes me with every seven inch, they somehow manage to make great listenable rock that is still challenging.
From the email:
"Also, Rococo Records of Chicago, IL will be releasing my cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland" as a 7" single just in time for the U.S. dates. The 7" is limited to 500 copies & features a full color
sleeve by Courtney Stephens. Here is the tracklisting:
1. Graceland
2. Sunday St
3. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in a Yellow T-Shirt (Flowers In
Japan Remix by Xiu Xiu)
The Graceland single will also be available through mail order for those of you who aren't able to make it to the shows. Hit em up here: http://www.rococorecords.com"

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