Monday, October 23, 2006

Pavement 7 inch with wowee zowee deluxe

Another amazing pavement deluxe release is coming out and this one comes with a seven inch, if you preorder, plus a code to digitally download a live show, that has never been available, recorded on April 24, 1994 at The Palace in Los Angeles. From Matador: "The set finds the band introducing new songs that eventually made their way on to Wowee. It is a superb recording and according to our exhaustive research, this show is super rare, even among the most ardent of Pavement tape traders and archivists." I wonder if they are planning to do this for Brighten the corners and everything. I don't have a problem with it. Who knows who borrowed the CD's I had and never got back, it's time to replace them.
I was just listening to the discretion groove 7 inch from Stephens solo work, and I'm always suprised and excited by everything I ever heard by these geniuses, so I got my preorder on already, there's no telling how many of these will be available.

Order by October 27th from Insound.

Amazingly I just got my download code today for the live show, I have two more downloads left if anyone wants them, just email me.

The 7"... To make sure we're not becoming too digital, lucky customers will also get a Wow Out-only 7" with never-before-released versions of "Black Out" and "Extradition." According to Stephen, this version of "Black Out" (which is not the album recording) was recorded around the time Crooked Rain came out. It was originally intended for a compilation curated by Thurston Moore that never materialized. Matador's vault plunderers found it on a reel of final mixes from the Random Falls sessions in NYC from early 1994. "Extradition" is a version with different vocals and a slightly different mix from the album version.

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