Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Drones

This just sounds like a pretty average band I would have come across 10 years ago maybe even on the edges of the seattle scene. Like soul asylum, they are out there, but you know they aren't going anywhere. There has to be more going on in australia. They just sound like the kinks doing midnight oil cover songs.
There is too much guitar going on here, I don't think I have ever enjoyed a guitar solo...wait not true jack white can solo all day and I will hear something new, so it can be done. But here it just sounds like a bar band. Big deal. I don't hear anything here...I tried.
The seven inch is at insound for like 11 bucks, so you better like them.

VINYL FORMAT. Australia's The Drones scooped the first ever Australian Music Prize for their album Wait Long By The River and the Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By. Now they present a double A-side picture disc of "Shark Fin Blues" (their punk-blues anthem) and "You Really Don't Care," both songs from their aforementioned album. This quartet screams out like Beasts Of Bourbon, the Scientists and Birthday Party all rolled into one. In short, the distillation of Australian rock n' roll history -- a perfectly formed band.

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