Friday, December 8, 2006

Bhob Rainey 7"

Here's a guy that's doing all kind of experimental music, trained as a soprano saxaphonist, plays around boston continuously, with a variety of collaborators including john zorn. I think it's interesting the kind of collaboration that happens in an experimental sound project versus some kind of jazz. I think it has to be pretty different. I have no idea what this is going to sound like, but I think this one is completely electronic. More for the experimental side of listening.

Get it from the source: Evolving Ear

Bhob Rainey is an established bigwig of the global improv/noise/experimental underground as a result of his work alongside trumpeter Greg Kelley in the influential duo, nmperign, his direction of the improvising juggernaut, The BSC, and his numerous solo works and collaborations with the likes of Jason Lescalleet, Gunter Muller, Ralf Wehowsky, Le Quan Ninh, Alessandro Bosetti, and Michel Doneda, among others. Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet is his first release of purely electronic music, and Evolving Ear is tickled to be the messenger on this one. The material on the two side-long, 33rpm pieces ranges from homemade synth textures to field recordings from Lisbon, Venice, Huelva, and other, unremembered locations. There's some singing by Naomi Yang (Damon and Naomi) and Bhob himself, and some words of wisdom from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Overall, a woozy alternate reality is offered for repeated dream pool swims. Beautiful, hallucinatory artwork by Elaine Kaufmann. Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet Bhob Rainey EE17 - 7" vinyl

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