Thursday, November 9, 2006

Elephant Micah covers 7 inch

I love a good cover and here's a whole slew of them, to sit on your porch with some spiked lemonade and listen on the old turntable, I can't wait to hear 'damn I wish I was your lover', a smashing pumpkins b-side and little feet. Go take a listen on his myspace for a taste of the country honest down home strumming arrangements and order this seven inch.
I've been into this lately, between 'the letting go' and jose gonzalez, this rounds out a greta day at the turntables.

From third incle records:
What we have here is four cover songs. At first, there appears to be no overarching theme in their derivation. Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover was a pop radio hit for Sophie B. Hawkins in the early 1990s. Bits, on the other hand, was authored by an amateur Hoosier punk group called the Snatchclaws, and never even formally recorded. And what about Purr Snickety, you ask? A Smashing Pumpkins b-side. Willing is a grammatical correction of Little Feats Willin, from the Sailing Shoes album (this is the one with the anthropomorphic cake on a swing). If there is unity to be found in this work, perhaps it is in Elephant Micahs uniquely blurred vision of the material. There is consistency, after all, in its very mystery. Sounds slip by with subtlety, never falling prey to our times endemic sonic exhibitionism. (See the cryptic, meterless sampling keyboard on Purr Snickety). Glimpses of meaning can be caught through gaps in the clouds, yet are never handed away wholesale. (See the heartfelt, yet somehow gigglish treatment of Damn). Home Of Astronauts represents a treasured and guarded art, whose rewards will be reaped by those with a love of realism.

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