Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Your Other Man - Secret Frequency Crew Remix /Your Other Man - Pheonecia Outer Harmony

I don't think I can even properly discuss this guy until I see the documentary from netflix. What can I really say except there is an insane cloud of mystery surrounding him. Here's what I know, some of it could very well be wrong:
• Recently he's finally played one live show, so I guess people know who he is now? No one really even knew exactly who he was?
• This might be the name for a collective, or an anonymous name for whoever wants to record under this moniker?
• He has released well over 80 albums.

Well I thought the list would be longer, but like I said he's a mystery.

This 7" is limited to 300 and available (still) at turntable lab.
It's like the davinci code for records. This is a tiny key, but I'm interested.

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