Wednesday, February 28, 2007

M. Ward • To go home

Every single mention of this guy compares him to playing old records and some kind of time lost, low-fi, found recordings....I don't know about all that, this sounds like just ok, average guitar and songwriting, like what I imagine ryan adams to sound like, or that other weird solo pretty boy artist I can't remember.
It's just OK, I don't really hear anything really exciting. I want to like this guy after all of the comparisons to the low-fi and broken radios, I wanted it to really push those boundaries, or play with this old tyme radio/music stuff. This seems to be very faithful to that nice, kind of pleasant songwriting, but these aren't words that get me excited.

M ward-to go home-on this new single from m ward we are treated to his rather lovely version of the daniel johnston track to go home, ward is joined by rachel blumberg and neko case for the recording, m ward and company give the track a real rootsy americana feel with lots of rockin piano tinkling going on, very limited double 7 inch pressing on the 4ad label, comes in a gatefold sleeve with a foldout poster, also features cosmopolitan pap, human punching bag and a cover of the jimmie dale gilmore track headed for a fall, february 2007-7"-4ad-€7.50

There's no way you can even find this, it's strictly limited import only and I have to resort to roadrecs....I swear roadrecs, one day I will get to you and move to Ireland and live down the road.

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