Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lovepump records Vol1

I think there are two kinds of music listeners, ones that like to listen to the same things they know and love even if it's a new band, it's just a variation of a sound that exists already.They like it because it sounds like things they have been listening to recently. Then there are the people who continually are explore unfamiliar ground and willing to spend time learning about weird untapped areas of recorded sound. Groups that are not following a line of thought to a logical conclusion, pure escapism. OK I'm both, sometimes I want to read subtitles and sometimes not, anyway this seven inch is in the new, challenging sound category for me and thank god for a random california radio station mailing list that alerted me to this one, there are a ridicolously tiny ammount of these for sale through the label site, something like 150, and it's $15, but here's the track list:

Format: 2 x 7" Colored Vinyl in Gatefold
-Features original art by GUNSHO
-Limited to 500 and hand-numbered
-Brand new material
-Only 150 will be available through us

1. Arbetiy
2. Rstafareich
3. Ebola Day

1. Put Your Head on a plate
2. Bad Vibes

1. Aorta
2. Mermaid Wax
3. Noon Noon Non
4. Tester

1. Duncan's Banus
2. Dude Fuk
3. I Met Her In The Bin
4. Big Dique

Honestly, I have to say I'm only familiar with Aids Wolf, these other bands will be new to me, but it's time to do some research.

I also found it at 29 north records for 11.99.

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