Friday, November 17, 2006

william 7"

There are some crazy vocals here, I can see the 'clap your hands' reference, it's good, if you like the strong crazy singing type than this will go right along with it. I like when like when singers kind of give up this way and go for it. I checked out the sample on the label website and I must have liked this one song because I kept going back there to see if I really wanted to write about these guys. They seemed good from one song, enough to get a seven inch, let's put it that way.

Speaking of really wanting to write... I was looking at all of the best of the year nomiations for music blogs and how people were bitching because who can write every day successfully, and not just be plugging every band that comes your way. I get those emails too and then see who decides to talk about them, I mean that's ok I guess, it's just going to make your voice more dilluted, that's why USA today is the way it is, a big pile of watered down weird AP stories reprinted. I don't know I'm torn, I try to talk about something everyday, am I reaching some days? Maybe a little, maybe I won't get that seven inch but it's interesting to talk about, and I usually say that. I know I'm disapointed when I go to my RSS reader and look at my favorite blog and they didn't post that day. That sucks.

WILLIAM (London)
Thrilling new artrock trio from Lewisham who've hooked up with hip Tough Love Records to release a wonderful debut 7" single 'Five Minute Wonder' It's fiery chiming chords rock like Modern Lovers or Strokes and the best of New York's new wave and with a squealing yelping David Byrne-esque lead vocal William have already picked up favourable 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah' comparisons. William have the energetic sensibilities of 'Murmur' period REM and pace of The Rakes with guitar ambitions towards Tom Verlaine and are emerging from the Utrophia art collective that has already revealed Popular Workshop.

4.50 Pounds, (including shipping) which isn't too bad.

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