Friday, December 29, 2006

CFTPA - Bobby Malone 7"

The holidays are kind of over and I couldn't find any of the reflex flexi disc's in my old room....that blew, all the magazine's which were funny as hell, but I have no idea what I did with all those 7" flexi's.

Casiotone's stuff with more production recently on the few new 7"'s is just improving.

I think that story I heard about this being a bet to see if he could really create a decent album with a casio is true. I want it to be true. I think he succeeded on 'twinkle echo'. It's good songwriting, you can hear it with the simplest instruments and devices. I don't know if this would do every artist good, to be reduced to a 4 track and a room. It would be intimidating for a lot I'm sure, to be that stripped down. Your faults will be amplified.

He really appreciates a good beat. I can understand that, the foundation is well thought out and really good, catchy percussion tracks, like old beck stuff, kind of drum machine but humanized.
This seemes to be a direction menomena is going in as well.
It's really solid music, well made you can really be sure if you put on a mix tape you probably will still enjoy it in a year.
read all about it.

Here's the MP3 for Bobby Malone
Tomlab has just released a newly mastered version of "Bobby Malone Moves Home" as the second single from Etiquette. The single is available on CD EP & 7" vinyl. Each format has its own exclusive b-sides of new, full band arrangements of CFTPA favorites, recorded during a 2006 US Tour with San Diego's The Donkeys playing as the backing band. Both formats feature cover art by The Donkeys' Anthony Lukens. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Bobby Malone Moves Home PS, US VINYL VERSION!!! Tomlab-074 45 $6.00
This can be found at parasol mailorder.

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