Tuesday, January 2, 2007

darren hanlon christmas seven inch

This is a little hefty for a seven inch on candle records, which I heard is finished. I don't know what $10 australian will translate to, but it's heart is in the right place. It's the end of this record company so this is the last chance to ever get this.
I have to get all of my christmas seven inches together for a gigantic mix. I'm a sucker for another addition. This guy reminds me of the decembrists. Nice vocals, kind of traditional, a little too produced to be indie, but kind of nice nonetheless. I'm trying to get all my christmas finds in before the season is completely over.
Yeeeeaaaa 2007!

Brand new 7" vinyl featuring 2 new Christmas songs 'Spend Christmas Day With Me' and 'The Loaf.' Please note these songs are only available on vinyl. The single is available only from Candle for $10 plus postage. This release is limited to only 500 copies.

A Message From Darren About His Christmas 7" Vinyl
"There comes a point in an Australian child's mind when the whole idea of Christmas is confused. All the storybooks we’re read and carols we’re sung on the yuletide subject, and the movies that fill our screens in December are so vastly different than our own sweltering reality.

We still try as hard as we can to fit the stereotype; stuffing our faces with the table full of hot food our shrunken summer stomachs struggle to digest, sweating Santa’s, laden with cumbersome red costumes and itchy white beards tolerate squirming children demanding their gift wishes while parents listen closely and take notes. Reindeer shapes in electric light constellations decorate houses and have no snow to reflect off.

Just the same, it’s Christmas as I’ve always known it.

‘The Loaf’, is a Christmas murder ballad steeped in Gabriel Garcia Marquez-esque magic realism, exposes the celebration as a superficial display of greed seen through the eyes of a jilted lover.

Come and ‘Spend Christmas Day with Me’ and I’ll show you…"

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