Thursday, January 25, 2007

shapes and sizes - weird weeds split

My friend Mike has been waaayyy into asthmatic kitty lately, and has been recommending shapes and sizes and my brightest diamond. I wasn't able to give this a proper listen but just breifly checking it out on their myspace there's a lot of things going on here, like firey furnaces, they are changing like crazy, all kinds of sounds, really clearly arranged.

Clap your hands and say yeah! played at mercury lounge last night, I am tired as hell, they played a random last minute show at 1AM, they played a lot of stuff from the new album. It was 10$ and I never thought I'd see them like that, I had given up after I missed out on arcade fire. I'm just glad I payed attention to that email I got that morning, and that Mike pointed out it was tonight and not the next day since it was at 12:30AM.
I recorded it with my ipod but the belkin microphone or the ipod, (I have to research) skips? Maybe because it's saving tracks over 30 minutes, anyway my first attempt at taping a show was almost perfect except for random skips here and there...kind of sucks.

Scroll down to find this seven inch on sc distribution. This looks like it is part of a series, so I will keep an eye out on asthmatic.

Shapes and Sizes / Weird Weeds
Unusual Animals, Vol. 1
Format: 7" Price: $4.25
(AKR401, Asthmatic Kitty)

On Unusual Animals Volume 1, Shapes and Sizes (in the process of relocating to Montreal from Vancouver) present "Jinker / that Fat Hand," an anthem of defiance and struggle that displays the ongoing maturation of this exciting young band since their self-titled debut, released on Asthmatic Kitty in July, 2006. The Weird Weeds' "Hold in the Light" highlights the genre-breaking minimalist pop songwriting that sets them apart from current trends in avant-folk and pop circles.

RELEASED: 2007-01-23

I really liked this MP3 - Island's gone bad.

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