Tuesday, January 9, 2007

blood red shoes • You bring me down 7"

I have talked about them before, but really I only respect them more after getting to know them a little bit. It seems like every time I listen to them I get excited all over and that's when you know it's true. I didn't just kind of like them for an afternoon, I don't have to second guess myself. I was right. Way to go self.

This is my favorite combo: guitar and drums, just a two piece, (a guy and a girl) very english , they trade vocals over stuttered guitar and fractured beats. This just rocks, like the other two piece the white stripes, less blues influenced, more minimal. The 'You bring me down' track is great. It might be hard to get past the super english vocals, but I watched the video on their myspace for two seconds and once I saw where they were coming from it won me over. They are unpretentious. It's just the accent. I shouldn't judge people.
I like you blood red shoes, please play in brooklyn, you can crash on the couch.

Blood red shoes-You bring me down
This is the fourth single so far from blood red shoes and their first for the xl label, the band features ex members of cat on form and lady muck, the single is a real catchy indie pop sound with noisy guitars and a sultry female voice, also features try harder on the flip side, november 2006-7"-Xl-€4.99

It's at road recs, a store I will have to search out when I end up in Dublin, or this place.
Sadly nothing not in euros or pounds with lots of shipping...sad for me.

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