Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ed Grey • Unread records

The last seven inch I want to talk about that I received from christopher at unread was this Ed Grey 7". This immediately reminded me of a Hayden or Vic chestnut. The slow deliberate songs, the sparce minimal acoustic guitar. Ed Grey is purposely singing about the hard side of life, he's not going to paint you a pretty picture. The vocals are straining to get you to understand. It doesn't sound like you ever will. If I was drinking right now I think I'd have to be in the mood. Kind of like Tom Waits, I consider myself a fan, I know that he's a genius, but it can be like work, or a haircut. I know I have to go get it done, but sometimes I don't want to. I'll wait until the last minute, or skip my vitamins.
But this is classic stuff, a couple of good friends with their heart in it. I can appreciate that.

This is coming from that southern or northern place I don't have any experience of. The geography of places passed through. There is a maturity to these tracks....It's a mysterious country ed grey is coming from.
On this 7" he's offering up 7 songs at 33 1/3...
Side A:
surving you never
old man, city
...iss & black candle
Side B:
2 snakes
i defer to the expanse of your smile

I just want to say thanks to christopher at unread for all the great notes and really worthwhile seven inches, it's really great undiscovered stuff, I am glad to get the word out and if you want to hear some new great stuff on our lady of vinyl, send a few measly dollars his way.

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