Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bonnie Prince Billy • Lay and Love

The third single to be taken from the letting go album domino 7"

I've only seen him a couple times in my life, and I think the worst part is he simultaneously makes it look hard and easy. He is so inspiring. I want to run home and pickup my acoustic guitar, I have things to say too. This morning even on the train from 'letting go', (I forget which track), it was one chord, a simple strum's ridiculous to even describe, and of course it's great. I started getting seven inches in the first place because of this man. It was the only thing I could afford at the merch table from the drag city review show at tramps, which still lives as one of the most amazing shows. I think I even knew it at the time. Everyone from drag city played, Smog, palace, his brothers band, royal trux. There were cover songs and then of course collaboration. I think that's when I first decided I liked smog.
'The letting go' keeps getting better and better, a really great release.

I just wish this didn't have to be flown in an airplane to get to my front door.

22nd January is the release date for Bonnie's new single Lay and Love. It's available on cd and 7" and features exclusive b-side tracks. While the 7” is backed with Bob Dylan Cover “Going To Acapulco”, the CD features two Dylan covers “Senor” and “Going To Acapulco” and the video for “Lay & Love”.

I like here that there are alternate dylan songs on the CD.

Directly from domino. Or road recs.

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