Wednesday, January 3, 2007

cococoma 7 inches.

I said this name outloud and I had to laugh.
I was watching this documentary about punk on sundance, and about halfway through I realized I had seen it before, it's funny how half of the bands I didn't pay attention to the first time around. That's why I used to keep piles of old record reviews or tape bands on the local college radio station, because I might listen to it later and it would all make sense. I knew it would take time just to absorb it, eventually I would understand.

This band cococoma and the kinks made perfect sense today, I never understood the kinks, I think I just knew that lola song, I hated it, it was fucking annoying, but they really had a great sound, listening to the recordings themselves, they way they chose to record some of those albums was great, thats what made it punk to me, that sound. I guess that's what I can't even say I definitely like the kinks. But I like cococoma, they have recorded kick ass, like a punk rock doorag, there's the anthem rock out sections, the audience call and response, there's some organ, I guess thats what I associate with the kinks.
Anyway it has a rock and roll raw garage sound, I am into it.

This is available from Shit Sandwich records.

Shit Sandwich Records is proud to present the debut of Chicago's newest hit-makers, Cococoma. This guitar-drums-organ combo plays rough and tough Nuggets-style garage rock that's both brutal and graceful. Or is it?
You can also get it from midheaven mailorder:
COCOCOMA "Take My Time" (Goner - 24 GONE) 7" $4.20
***BACK IN STOCK!!! COCOCOMA began as a husband and wife team, with LISA shredding her fingers on the strings and BILL pounding the drums and howling. The addition of MIKE FITZPATRICK (HEADACHE CITY and THE LATEST) on organ added thickness to the Cococoma stew. The results are staggering-drop the needle and stand back. Cococoma's songs mix '60s garage sensibilities with a brutal punk rock attack, and hooks that will stay in your head for days. Previous release on Shit Sandwich and Covert Pop Records. The group is also featured on the Gonerfest 2 DVD and CD.

Their second seven inch is from Covert pop records, a split with mans, who sound even more raw and stripped down. If Cococoma sounds like the kinks, then mans are their younger brothers with all the hand me down equipment, recording with a broken tape deck. It's impossible to get this awesome of a crap garage sound. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Records are here!!! The CoCoComa/Mans split 7" just came in!!! Message me on here, or at if you want a copy. The artwork and record won't be put together until Wednesday, May 24th, but I'll take preorders now. If you email the address above I'll send you the paypal link and get the records shipped to you as soon as I get back from the Blackout next week. US $4.50 ppd Canada $5.50 Europe and the rest of the world $6.50 ppd. Order 5 or more and you'll get a special wholesale price. Only 300, all on trash vinyl, so hit me up fast!!!

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