Thursday, January 4, 2007

You say party we say die. You say good 7" I agree.

This band is great, I love this MP3 'The Gap'. It's one of those songs that every time you play it again you remember why you liked it so much the first time. It's like the test icicles, just endless energy. ( I compare a lot of bands to them, I think they were such a crazy, out of nowhere influences. I had to like them, they were saying. And every time I'm sad they are gone.) Frantic trying to get it out. The entire band getting into it, they are all yelling at us like 'What the fuck are you going to do?' Sure, I'll compare them to the yeah yeah yeahs, this frontwoman, bouncing around the studio yelling, 'the gap, the gap, the gap, between the rich and the poor, the poor, the poor.' It's political, (not really), but yell more, I like it.
I'm going to respond by widening this gap between my poor and their rich by getting this seven inch.
I see this described as dance-punk, I mean who cares. It's fast, catchy as hell and I can't get over this song. My brother asks me what bands are like sometimes and it's impossible to describe, I'm the worst. I can say I would love to see them live, it would be fun and there would be strobe lights. Take the YYY's and then Love is all, introduce them, then they have a canadian baby, who can't tour in the US.
True. On their website they say won't be touring in the us anytime soon as the cryptic message in the news section says 'due to complications, we won't be returning to the US in the next 5 years and even after that we will have to apply for a waiver to get in'. They are audio terrorists, and I guess they are just too damn dance-punk for us.
That just sucks, I've heard that border is really getting crazy, that's the state of the world, but the effects are being felt in weird ways.
Let's build a wall.

YOU SAY PARTY WE SAY DIE "You Did It" (Sink & Stove - SASR 25) 7"

Very limited repress (400 only) from Vancouver based dance-punk band YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! The songs are taken from the band's debut album Hit The Floor. You Say Party! We Say Die! started in 2004 and gained some instant notoriety for their "willingness to play anything, anywhere, anytime". They independently released their first EP Danskwad (pronounced "Dance Squad") and began receiving rave reviews, touring Canada, opening for such notable acts such as The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Sink and Stove records. (UK label)
Or get it from midheaven for $6, they are the best.

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