Monday, January 29, 2007

cold war kids

I saw that the Cold war kids played a sold out show right before the clap your hands show at mercury lounge the other night. I saw this 7" and thought I'd find out what these kids were like, starting with their myspace page.
I like this idea that they should be like a new order/interpol/cure, just sad depressing band from the reagan era. They don't musically sound like that period, probably for the best. 'Hang me up to dry' starts out great, this is a good single, the bassline is like that 'I turn my camera on' I want to keep listening, it drives everything about this. I think they are english? I'm getting an oasis vibe or something. I think the vocals will eventually get me though. They are like Brit Daniels or the walkmen, he's really yelling at you as hard as he can. I can prove I'm really into it, but unlike the walkmen or brit it seems like he's trying to sing. I'm hearing a practiced voice, a really rehearsed voice or something. I think this guy has been trained, he really cares about it, he's protecting it and it makes me not like it. (ie. Hospital Beds, thats as far as I got)

COLD WAR KIDS : Hang Me Up To Dry
V2 RECORDS : 7" : £2.49 Tipped by the NME & Zane Lowe as a band to watch in 2007, this is the second release from next months album. Its all fuzzed up guitar menace, swaggering along to an irresistible grove as chaotic piano and bicycle chain rhythms lurk low in the mix.

This is available on phonica records UK.

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