Tuesday, January 30, 2007

thee moths/the faeries split

This sounds like an interesting project, and another label to explore 'Banazan'. I really can't remember what led me here yesterday but relistening to this stuff this morning I just paypaled for everything moths on the label, including this split 7" with the faeries.
This sounds like a one man tunng, math-folk. When reading about him, I kept hearing about laptops and sound. That's the kind of music I wish I had the patience or maybe endurance to make. I compile hundreds of sounds in folders and organize them based on weird categories, but can't bring myself to change them almost. I don't know what to do, there are too many choices, I start 200 projects and can't finish one. Someday I keep telling myself and add another 45 sounds from walking around manhattan.
Here's ye olde myspace page for some tracks, after checking htem out again this morning and reading some of the ther reviews I can't wait to hear this entire album 'nature' I don't know why this introspective, crafted on a sound wave level, electronica sounds so great to me right now. It's suprising. Not sing along inthe car fun, but hitting the books background.
The books, that's what this is like. They are playing at the Whitney museum for free, and you better believe I will try to be there.

Thee Moths / The Faeries split 7" (BAN 012)
Merrily keeping vinyl alive, Banazan has a couple of recent 7" releases, the first being a split between Scotland's Thee Moths and the Faeries (Miss Banazan, herself!). I sometimes have a problem with Thee Moths' more psychedelic side that they frequently show on their full lengths; however, on their more focused songs found on singles (like this one, for example), I think they're just terrific. True to Thee Moths form, this song sits on a fine line in between the Microphones and Elevator, simultaneously dark and upbeat. On the flip, the Faeries remind me a lot of Mirah or maybe a slower song by the Melons. Consisting of just drum machine, guitar and multi-tracked vocals, this song (about Ruby's cat) could've been about a minute shorter, but is still nice nonetheless. MTQ=2/2

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