Friday, January 26, 2007

love is all - busy doing nothing

It's freezing in NYC, but to keep warm after work I'm going to run from record store to record store looking for this on my way home....or freeze to death.
Love is all was not a flash in the pan to me, they are still just as good, months, maybe even a year later. They took a while to get into, and I imagined an entirely different band just in hearing them, yelling under this overpowering echo. Then the saxaphone. What the hell? Being a visually driven society can work to a bands advantage also. Their image is as important as the music, let's face it, it doesn't matter indie, electronic, whatever, it makes a difference. You know, the old video/MTV arguement.
It was the same with art brut. I was skeptical, the 'brand new girlfriend' video was a made for nothing, almost eastern bloc looking, weird mustache, mess. They seemed weirdly out of touch, I couldn't relate to the cheesey effects. Was this a joke? I honestly couldn't place it. Then they turned out to be awesome and that was probably an homage to that style, whatever.
Same with love is all, they could have looked like anything, but I think my view of them solidified when I saw them live, and there wasn't a pretentious or preconceived bone in their bodies. Love is all, I will like you to the end. I mean it. Please accept my apologies, I have to stop judging.

I am a little confused. I think the abover pictured 7" is the new one from love is all, but the email I got from the band lists I think an older seven inch. Anyway the above record was released this year and the tracks are:

Track list
Busy Doing Nothing
Motor Boat

This was the email listing I got from love is all/parlophone:

The new Love Is All single is a double A-side 'Nothing To Be Done / Ageing Had
Never Been His Friend' released 26th March on 7" and download.

'Nothing To Be Done' is a previously unreleased cover of The Pastels classic
(which some of you might remember Love Is All playing live on the Maximo Park
tour back in October) while 'Ageing...' is the taken from the album 'Nine
Times That Same Song.'

If you still haven't heard the Love Is All album yet...well, where have you
Anyway, I think I'm right.
Here is some other crazy rare love is all stuff from Hot Stuff mailorder I found looking everywhere:
Just do a search for 'love is all', they have a bunch of stuff. Its all in swedish kroner, which if you divide everything by 7, these prices aren't too bad. I didn't even ask about shipping though, and nothings in english. I will probably try anyway....

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