Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eidas Mai • The great pop supplement

'Where to begin' / 'Fly away'

Here's the last of the seven inches I got from The Great Pop Supplement. This last one is from Eidas Mai.
I honestly thought well how can this be as good as the other two, they have to owe some one a favor or something, whose friend wanted a 7" pressed. This was not that seven inch.

I love the way all of these are mastered, the vinyl is really thick, and at 45 rpm this thing is loud. I barely had to turn it up. I think I just got finished with an old love as laughter 7" and all of a sudden the murkiness lifted with the angelic layered vocals from Ms. Mai. Her brother plays all the buitar and bass (?) tracks along with backup vocals. I will have to check out his project 'Epok'.

Both of these tracks are streaming on their myspace.

'Where to begin' adds xylophone to the layers and layers of harmonized vocals in this track. There is something just off here, it may be on purpose, it's unsettling, the harmony is a little off, and it's everywhere. There isn't a second on this seven inch that isn't full of sweeping ghostly vocal harmony. Then it just escalates and turns up the volume (folkily).

'Fly away' was my favorite. This remids me of taking out old folk albums out from the library and then coming across that one that hits you. Usually I ended up disapointed just randomly picking them based on the cover art, but then again I'd find one I would have to renew week after week. It shouldn't but it seems far removed from my everyday musical experience. This starts again with a happy enough sounding acoustic strumming, but it's the vocals that get me, all of a sudden it turns dark, the clouds just came out but it seemed perfectly clear. It's contradictory, the sweet with halloween. It's sad but sounds so good.

This cover art matches this unrest perfectly...and like the snack size almond joy, I can't get enough.

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