Wednesday, February 7, 2007

DJ shadow - This time

"This Time (I'm gonna try it my way)" / "This Time (I'm gonna dub it my way)"

Endtroducing was probably one of the first reentry albums for me into hip hop since the fat boys or run dmc. I barely knew about dj culture. Until that documentary scratch came out, which was amazing by the way, I still didn't know shadow but I kept hearing about that record, I think I was expecting something from 1985, with scratching and bad keyboards or something. But He was just creating these atmopheres from sounds, and driving beats, uptempo, but then ambient, all of it the best of sound from a huge set of found vinyl.
He did get me to take another look at what was going on in that genre and even now be open to quasimoto, Doom, etc..

This new one, from what I've heard is going in a new direction....First off there's vocals on a lot of the tracks...this is not why I liked the earlier stuff. I'm going to have to see all over again if I can get into this. The track on this seven inch is worth hearing at his myspace it's very old school reworked....I liked it a lot. This is just different and I wanted more like preemptive strike.
There's also one of those 33 1/3 books about Endtroducing, which I will have to get.

He has a whole merch empire going at his website, where it looks like he's repressed some old r&b 45's from the 60's and 70's.

This is an import available at turntablelab NYC.

Import-only 7" single from The Outsider album. "This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)(1)" is one of DJ Shadow's most accomplished tracks as he directs a band (The Heliocentrics) as well as The London Session Orchestra to acheive his sound. It's an interesting note that the vocalist credits are listed as "unknown," I wonder if they were sourced from some reel to reel he found in a basement. B-side features the exclusive dub version(2), which is completely reworked with harder drums and psyche swirlings.

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