Thursday, March 29, 2007

Isis & Werewolves • Lathe cut 7"

I just got lost in the world that is wolf eyes, that guy is insanely prolific. The same way sonically you are bombarded, (tracks scare the hell out of me on random, and I keep telling myself to reorder playlists...there's nothing bonnie 'prince' followed by some wolf eyes) you are bombarded by sheer number of releases. It's overwhelming, I don't know where to start. And I get worried about absorbing too much of this, I really think subjected to this for a few months would really hurt...permanantly.

I was listening to suicide's first album today and I kind of wasn't listening to it at points, unlike isis and werewolves you can kind of let it in, in the background, but it messes with you. It's a perfectly nice day but I just felt bad walking to work this morning.
Give it a brief listen.
These artifacts are pretty amazing, and I'm trying to find out about lathe cut 7 inches in general it seems like a pretty amazing process, and I wonder if it's some kind of machine you can have in your bedroom.
Isis & Werewolves
AA Records No Cat
7" Lathe

Not sure if this is archival material or newly-junked electro-sludge, but Isis & Werewolves were a pre-Wolf Eyes unit that featured Aaron Dilloway and Andrew WK and this is a great slice of omnivorous industrial aggression hand-cut on a 7" picture lathe and released on Nate Young of Wolf Eyes' own AA Records imprint. Very limited copies.
I found it at volcanic tongue.