Friday, March 30, 2007

bright eyes • four winds

I got the new bright eyes yesterday, the vinyl of course, and the entire record looked like it was one of those things where you cross your eyes and wait and you see a 3D image or something, but then inside was a decoder. It's one of those prism things, and you can run it over the artwork to see the's pretty amazing. Even the liner notes had this static looking black and white mess, which when this postcard size decoder was over it, it's like magic. I really should take a picture. I must have spend a half hour reading everything. I think some of it is backwards or latin or something. I'd love to see the whole image and I wouldn't, it's kind of cool you can't.
I only had a chance to listen to the bonus seven inch that came with it. I'm pretty sure, I only listened to it once, but I think it's the same on both sides, that just made me feel cheap. But I could be wrong.
I'm going to reserve judgement about that track just yet, but there were a lot of instruments, I feel like it was going in a little more 'I'm wide awake...' direction...but I spent all of my time looking at the album cover.
I am also going to go use the code inside to download it from saddle creek, which is pretty great.

There is also a 12" that came out 'Four Winds' in the US, and it has like 5 or 6 tracks, but it looks like for the UK release they split them up into 2 seven inches. I obviously like that idea better.

It's here, and here
FOUR WINDS #1 UK Item nr / format: 74182 / 7" Release date: 2007-04-02

The first 7" carries ‘Smoke Without Fires’ and the second 7″ b-side is ‘Tourist Trap’.

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